Kim White Coaching Presents...

Gain Clarity

Gain a true clarity around your finances, shaping the way you look at them in a new light

Be Empowered

Feel empowered to approach your budgets with a new sense of awareness

Reshape Your Thinking

Use a mindset shift to reshape your thinking: ensuring there's not more month than there is money

Transform Your Finances

Learn how you can be in charge of money instead of money being in charge of you

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Discover Freedom from Financial Stress

Is Your Money Running on Empty?

Because you are an action taker and to support you on your journey to freedom from financial stress, I'll be offering a 1 hour follow-up session to answer any questions you may have as you start to implement the steps you'll learn in this Webinar training. 

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Live Webinar Presented
by Kim White

Kim White is a Life Architect and Spiritual Healer. 

He transforms your blockages and limitations into freedom, peace and achievement of your goals. 

Through his specific process, he has transformed his relationship with money and will teach you to do the same to achieve a lifelong freedom from financial stress.

Join Me on the Live Webinar

People ask me all the time, how can I be so relaxed about money, especially through these difficult times, and I say it wasn't always that way.   I used to be so exhausted about being stressed with money that I built my own system to remove the financial stress out of my life, and now I can teach you how to have this work for your life too.
In this detailed webinar, I will take you through each of the seven steps to attain freedom from your own financial stress. Your worries will be eliminated, ensuring you have a life of abundance and joy. ~ Kim White










"I can’t recommend [Kim] enough to anyone who wants to more effortlessly maximize their effectiveness, health, and enjoyment of life. "

Dan Sullivan
President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

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