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Transform your energy, your environment, and your relationships.

At Kim White Coaching, we transform you, your energy, your environment and relationships, bringing you back to your authentic truth which is connected to God. We do this by turning fear to love, dark to light, and scarcity to abundance.

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We liberate you from your past entanglements and dependencies to provide the freedom to move towards your potential.

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We define winning as the relentless pursuit of excellence through never-ending improvement and alignment with your truth.

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We create protected space and remove distractions to ensure your transformation and growth.

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We believe that integrity is acting in accordance with God’s guidance for each individual situation, following your intuition.

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We know that the path to peace for you is through solid growth and transformation.

Let’s protect and build your future growth by seeking out and eliminating blockages and limitations that prevent freedom of success in your life.

"I can't recommend [Kim] enough to anyone who wants to more effortlessly maximize their effectiveness, health, and enjoyment of life."
Dan Sullivan, President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

Products & Services

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Power Clearing Session

Choose this session to clear issues or blockages you are experiencing with a particular person or with yourself.

This is a great opportunity to quickly tackle issues while also allowing you to experience the work that Kim does or potentially reconnect if you've already had the pleasure of working with Kim.

You'll be able to choose between a 15 or 30-minute session.

Coaching Transformation Session - The Energetic Assessment ™

A one off session which allows you to focus on one significant life experience that needs clearing.  You will see significant improvement in your relation to that particular blockage and as a result of this assessment you will be relieved of past entanglements and have a lasting feeling of relaxation and energy.

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Property Clearing

Are you feeling that your environment is not supporting your growth?

Are you constantly confused, exhausted, or stressed when you are on your property?

With an intensive, thorough clearing of your property, the KWC Team will eliminate the negativity, darkness and clear the blockages that are holding your property, home, or office back from supporting your growth.

"Kim White has made a huge impact on both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants greatly increase their effectiveness and maximize their energy.” 
- Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS Worldwide; Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap


What is a Power Clearing?

Power Clearing sessions are one-time, transformational sessions where we will clear a blockage you are experiencing with a particular person or with yourself. This is a great opportunity to quickly tackle issues while also allowing you to experience the work that Kim does or potentially reconnect if you’ve already had the pleasure of working with Kim.

"Many of us have ‘mental blocks’ from time to time which go way beyond procrastination and last for months, even years. Recently I had such a block and had tried a number of things to shift it however nothing seemed to work. That is until I connected with Kim White who by way of a Power Clearing Transformation session was able to do what other blockage clearing methods couldn’t.

If you’re suffering from a similar mental blockage, don’t put up with it - connect with Kim and get it cleared!"

It's time to make a change for yourself.

Kim White Square

We are all familiar with our mental, emotional and physical parts of ourselves. Some people are also connected with their spiritual and energetic self.

There is an energetic component to our lives, everyone has it. You know it when you meet someone and get a really bad feeling about them or go into a room and want to leave immediately; you are picking up on the negative energy. Conversely, you are aware when someone is positive or when you walk into a room and it is warm and welcoming.

Kim has learned how to clear the negative energy from a space and from people, removing blockages that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

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