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Kim White & the KWC Team

Kim is a “Life Architect”.

He is a business and energy coach/Spiritual Shaman who, through his faith, is very connected with God in his work. He clears energy blocks that are preventing people from accomplishing what they want in their lives. These blocks can be with them personally, or in their environments (home and/or office spaces).

Kim’s intuition helps him to immediately see where and by what someone is being held back from improving their lives, and his spiritual training and strength helps to remove the blocks.
Kim has a natural, unique gift to see where people, their homes, and their businesses are losing energy, or are blocked and struggling with their productivity.

Why does Kim mix spiritual with business and sports?


Spirituality is the foundation and faith for my life. Business and Sports are my passions. I found a way to unite my foundation and passions together and assist my clients in improving the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental aspects of their lives.

How does it work?

We are all familiar with our mental, emotional and physical parts of ourselves. Some people are also connected with their spiritual and energetic self.

There is an energetic component to our lives, everyone has it. You know it when you meet someone and get a really bad feeling about them or go into a room and want to leave immediately; you are picking up on the negative energy.

Conversely, you are aware when someone is positive or when you walk into a room and it is warm and welcoming.
Kim has learned how to clear the negative energy from a space and from people, removing blockages that are holding them back from achieving their goals.

The KWC Team

Elin Granqvist Amann

Function for KWC: Spiritual Clearing Practitioner for Individuals & Properties
Kolbe A Index: Pioneer / 3476
About Elin:

Elin is a Spiritual Clearing Practitioner who assists KWC clients in achieving their goals. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Elin now resides in Vienna, Austria. She has a Business degree and has experience as a Department Manager for Bulk purchasing on international textile firm.
Since 2010 Elin has trained in Spiritual Healing and is now an authorized teacher for Victor Barron’s Healing Methods.

Melissa Froehlich

Function for KWC: Business Growth Strategist
Kolbe A Index: Strategist / 8353
About Melissa:

Melissa is a Certified Online Business Manager with a Master’s Degree in Agriculture and Education. Melissa specializes in partnering with entrepreneurs focused on scaling their business to the next level. She has over fifteen years’ experience in the business world including brick and mortar ownership, corporate sales and marketing experience, and working with successful entrepreneurs and their teams in dynamic leadership roles.

Sarah Martin

Function for KWC: Executive Assistant to Kim White
Kolbe A Index:  Strategic Planner/8732

Sarah is a Remote Executive Assistant who supports entrepreneurs and their teams in small business ventures. She has worked in administration for over four years, including non-profit organizations and local government. She is passionate about developing collaborative and positive working relationships with her clients and helping their independent businesses thrive. Sarah holds a BS in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.