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About My Passion

Kim White talking about architecture, space and God in Rogner Therme, Bad Blumau, Austria.

Transforming You & Your Energy

At KWC, we transform you and your energy. Removing blockages and turning them into opportunities.

About Power Clearing Sessions

If you want freedom and peace in your life and in your relationship - book a power clearing session with Kim White & Team now.

Winning vs. Competition

We define winning as the relentless pursuit of excellence through never ending improvement and alignment with your truth.

In just a few months of working with Kim the biggest win was that an outstanding credit card balance of $5000 was reduced by 50% because of Covid-19, and the extra $2,500 also magically came to me to pay the entire thing off. This was directly because of the work I did with Kim, I have no doubt about this. I felt it would take me years to clear out this debt, but it's gone in less than 3 months of starting this process and has taken a huge burden off my shoulders and off my mind.”

Aaron D'Souza, CEO, World-Class Dating and Relationships


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Testimonial: Charlie Epstein

"Thank God I was introduced to Kim - I now no longer have fear in my life - I am no longer run by ego." - Charlie Epstein

"Kim, I am so blessed to have you in my life.
One of the greatest gifts you can give a person is the ability for them to be their purest self, it is beautiful, clear and shines like a diamond, yet as strong.
Thank you for walking with me while I transitioned from coal to a diamond and then helping me to chisel off the exterior world so that my true self can be seen by others.

You are a master…"

- Lisa M. Cini,  Mosaic Design Studio, President & CEO. Columbus, Ohio


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"I would not have my amazing life without Kim White Coaching."

- Robert Kirby, CEO, Future Freedom Leadership

Media & Press

"Many of us have ‘mental blocks’ from time to time which go way beyond procrastination and last for months, even years. Recently I had such a block and had tried a number of things to shift it however nothing seemed to work. That is until I connected with Kim White who by way of a Power Clearing Transformation session was able to do what other blockage clearing methods couldn’t.

If you’re suffering from a similar mental blockage, don’t put up with it - connect with Kim and get it cleared!"

- Peter Buckle


Testimonial: Matt Curry


"Working with Kim since 2006 has been a complete game changer for me.

It's freed me up to focus all my energy on creating a really big future for myself and for Strategic Coach without being weighed down by unseen past entanglements. Having heard similar stories from countless entrepreneurs and team members who have also worked with Kim, I can't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to more effortlessly maximize their effectiveness, health, and enjoyment of life."

- Dan Sullivan,  President, The Strategic Coach Inc.

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"Yesterday's clearing session was incredibly helpful to me. I felt seen and understood instantly. After the session, I felt lighter, clearer, more grounded.

I went straight into a full-day strategy session with my executive team. My energy was clear and strong throughout and I had the intuition to make some key decisions that feel really good.

Thank you."

- Nels Jensen, Williamsburg Learning